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Cord Moving and Storage reminds all those that are moving this peak summer season that Federal regulations require that all not just some household goods carriers furnish several documents to prospective interstate customers during the move planning process. These publications contain comprehensive information about the move process, help consumers understand the documents that they will sign, and inform consumers of their rights if their belongings are lost or damaged. AMSA along with the Cord Moving and Storage Team can assist guiding all that are interested to provide the top three required brochures at competitive prices, including:


  • Ready to Move? must be provided with every written estimate – mandatory
  • Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move must be provided before executing an order for service – mandatory
  •  Dispute Settlement Program details must be provided to every customer – mandatory

Failure to provide these required publications by the carrier is in violation of the law and should put the consumer – the person moving on guard whether the firm performing the in-home estimate is legitimate or not? Is their firm licensed with the Department of Transportation and are they insured?

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