Cord Moving and Storage Quote of The Day - April 2016


“The purpose of life is a life of purpose” 

Robert Byrne – American author

There are only 4 more Selling Days left in April and 47   remaining in the Quarter!!!

My Pappy use to tell this story:

A group of refugees was about to flee a war zone by hiking over some of the most rugged terrain in their country. As they were leaving, they were approached by a frail, old man and a sickly mother carrying an infant. The leaders of the group agreed to take them along with the understanding that the men would take turns carrying the baby, but that the mother and the old man would have to make it on their own.

Several days into the journey, the old man fell to the ground, too exhausted to continue and pleading to be left behind to die. Facing harsh reality, the leaders of the group reluctantly agreed and started on their way.

Suddenly, the young mother placed her baby in the old man’s arms and told him it was his turn to carry the child. She walked away with the group. It was several minutes before she allowed herself to look back, but when she did, she saw the old man stumbling along the trail with the child in his arms.

It’s true: When a person has a purpose in life, a wellspring of strength, courage and persistence often emerges.

People who are too tired, discouraged or fearful to go on are often suffering from a deficiency in motivation because they’ve either lost sight of their purpose in life or need to find a new one.

So the message this morning as you look into the mirror – look around and find your goals. With these goals will come new energy, courage, creativity and stamina. For the old man, a new purpose found him, but it is rare for anyone to be so fortunate. We must each find our own purpose, and then stick to it. After all, a life (yours) depends on it. Take that approach, and I’ll see you in the winner’s circle of life for sure.

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