Cord Moving and Storage Takes Senior Relocations Seriously


For most senior citizens moving to a retirement community or an assisted living apartment that fits their needs will be the first move in quite a while. After living in a certain home for many years, a new environment can be overwhelming. Cord Moving’s promise is to make the transition as smooth as possible to ensure a feeling of “Home Sweet Home”.

Cord Moving and Storage provides a one-stop comprehensive relocation program for those who cannot manage a move on their own or for those busy professionals who don’t have the time to spend with the tedious details of relocating a family member.

Cord’s relocation specialist will work closely with the family throughout the entire process and assist in determining which furnishings will fit nicely in the new residence.

Cord’s experts will take measurements, complete a floor plan and work with you to provide professional guidance in the placement of furnishings. This gives our clients the confidence of knowing definitely what will fit and which furniture will move to storage, consigned, donated or delivered to family member’s homes.

Upon request, Cord Moving will retain the services of a professional handyman and/or cleaning service to get the residence ready for optimal showing to potential buyers or renters.

Cord Moving and Storage will supply the moving boxes and packing supplies, pack-up the household, load our moving truck and move your belongings to your new residence, then un-pack everything. Your clothes will be placed in your closets, chests and dresser drawers, your kitchen will be put away and bathroom items will be placed in the bathroom where they belong. We dust the furniture with furniture polish for a fresh clean start, plug in all the lamps, connect your television, set the clocks, arrange the furniture in a useable and practical manner and even make the bed. This means you never have to lift or move heavy boxes. You can rest assured your new home will be set-up and comfortable right away. All you need to do is turn down the sheets and have a good night sleep.

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