Cord Moving and Storage Quote of The Day - March 2015


“What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work and study; a constant process of honing one’s skill.”

Stephen King
(1947- )

There are 3 more Selling Days remaining in March and in the Quarter!!!

We just concluded two days of a Sales Conference where learning and then studying those items we have learned is essential to our collective success. I have always believed that continued education is essential which many are just coming around to that train of thought. Better late than never I suppose. In today’s ever changing world I have to ask myself what stopped them, what made them think they could do the same thing they did 5 years ago or even 1 year ago?

Those that won end of year awards were those that took on line classes, attended North American Van Lines University in attempt to improve their skills, improve their life style and the overall benefit for their specific companies that they work for which by the way are all good reasons to read, listen and study. We awarded the first Greg Ford Memorial Award to the one person that did all of the above and carried on Greg’s tradition of always learning.

Learners: The most successful sales professionals are life-long learners Greg would say. They’re always learning about industry best practices, market trends and customer needs. They’re always improving their communication, negotiation and presentation skills. What’s the last book you read? What’s the last course you attended? What’s NEXT?

Listeners: I’ve had sales professionals tell me in confidence that they’re not sure they could succeed in sales. When I ask why, they tell me that they’re not that talkative with customers. I respond the way Greg would by saying that’s GOOD! Sales professionals should be listening 80% of the time and only talking 20% of the time. Of that 20%, half of that should be asking questions. That leaves only 10% for selling and telling. Thank you Greg for all that you did for me – for all of us.

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