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“The truly successful person inspires others to do more than they have thought possible for themselves.”

Denis Waitley

So what is Inspiration for success, why inspiration for success? Well, I guess many people or maybe even all people are looking for success. And inspiration makes things move, makes ‘life’, is a positive driver for success. Maybe inspiration is the only thing that makes things move in a positive way, in a fulfilling way – funny how that works, eh?

Of course inspiration can come from within. And maybe you are a person who doesn’t need additional inspiration, inspiration from ‘outside’. In that case my epistle each morning may have not much or nothing to offer to you. But maybe you need external inspiration, or some additional inspiration. And that’s exactly why I write each morning – more for Wayne than anyone else to keep me motivated – to keep me inspired. Inspiration for success is intended to give you additional inspiration, or all the inspiration. It is intended for you if you don’t have any, don’t feel any inspiration, or don’t have it or feel it anymore.

Inspiration makes things move, makes ‘life’, is a positive driver for success. Maybe inspiration is the only thing that makes things move in a positive way, in a fulfilling way. And we guess inspiration is an easier way than motivation, although you will also find information, links and exercises to motivate you if you need motivation or some more motivation. So I guess I thirst for that inspiration each and every day – how about you? Search it out; pound it out and absorb that inspiration and you will be rewarded. If you look around you there are many things that will inspire you such as people that are celebrating work anniversaries of over 20 years, those that despite physical conditions they show up every day and work hard to contribute or the returning veteran that despite coming home not all in one piece is out there providing for his or her family. These are just a couple of examples that we can draw our daily inspiration from. Keep the faith – keep The Code.

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