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You know how it stinks  to have jewelry get tangled up? For a couple bucks at Wal-Mart (and a little spare time, but it’s worth it)…there are jewelry baggies.

These also come in nice if you have furniture with adjustable shelving (usually particle board)….place the shelve support thingies (for a lack of better term) or screws into a baggie, attach it to the item or label as to which item it goes with.


if you won’t remember which cord goes to which component…
A small piece of masking tape. Or some colored post it notes (with extra tape to secure it) A goes to A….B goes to B….Line In on A goes out Line Out on B…..

– Newspaper (on stuff that won’t mind a little ink)
– Clothing.
– Towels.
– Blankets.
– Reusable shopping bags.
I’ve even wrapped  glasses in socks when traveling. But you you might consider having the professionals pack at least the breakables

Use 1.5  cube containers that your mover can provide – ask for used since at this time of the “Peak Season” they ought to be able to provide them at no cost to you.

One last thing, you can always go to or and search for more packing tips in print and watch some videos to help you out and keep the cost down. In the end the certified professionals in the moving industry are there to assist and help you through what will be a stressful move if you do not use a professional moving company.

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