Cord Moving and Storage Protects Consumer Rights Across USA


Are you ready to Move?

Did you know that you have  Rights and Responsibilities.When you move Federal regulations require that household goods carriers furnish several documents to prospective interstate customers and Cord Moving has them all and wants to make sure that all consumers are knowledible and protected against those less than desireable moving companies.  Movers must provide a copy of Ready to Move? with every written estimate, and before you execute an order for service, the mover must also provide  you with Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. This 30-page booklet contains comprehensive information about the move process and helps consumers understand the documents that they will sign. It also informs consumers of their rights if their belongings are lost or damaged. This is the Law so ensure you know about this to protect yourself or just call the American Movers Association  headquartered in the Washington D.C. area or call Cord Moving and Storage headquartered in the Saint Louis, MO area.

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