Cord Moving and Storage is Prepared to Distribute Girl Scout Cookies


Cord Moving and Storage Headquartered in Saint Louis, Mo is once again preparing after receiving from local bakeries for the distribution of the Girl Scout Cookies to local troops. They are sorted, they are skidded and are being loaded on large 53 foot trailers to begin the distribtion starting next week.

Since 1996 Cord Moving and Storage has received, stored and distributed over 150,000 cases per year of Girl Scout Cookies. The entire operations at Cord Moving and Storage is excited but focused on a quick and seamless distribution to those Girl Scouts who have faithfully sold them.

Tom LaFata in Cord’s Operations Department is managing this years  distribution and is excited after all the planning, coordination and then the precise execution at many of the local distribution points such as the Wal-Mart Plaza in Troy, MO,  Shopping Plaza in and many other points throughout the Saint Louis Metroplex.

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