Cord Moving and Storage Celebrates National Moving Month


May is National Moving Month, kicking off the busiest season for relocation. It’s the time of the year when a lot of American families begin thinking about who they will hire to help them move. It’s also a time when consumers need to exercise caution and choose their household goods carrier wisely.

According to the US Department of Transportation,  more than 35 million Americans will move this year, and at Cord Moving and Storage with offices in Saint Louis, Memphis, Belleville, IL: and Dixon, MO an agent for North American Van Lines and the US Department of Transportation, our goal is to ensure that everyone who moves is treated fairly and professionally. After all, consumers should be able to expect honest and reasonable treatment when they move which is why at Cord Moving and Storage we aren’t just moving your stuff but rather your life..

I’ve heard on television a lot of moving complaints and I’ve heard firsthand how frustrating these issues can be. It pays to prepare for your move by being an informed consumer and to plan ahead.  Check with better business bureau for information on movers prior to getting an estimate or signing a contract.  The US Dept. of Transportation recently launched a  red flag campaign to teach people how to Protect their Move by looking out for the most common signs of bad moving companies. Each of these is a red flag that a mover might not be trustworthy:

  • Does the mover refuse to make a house call for an estimate?
  • Does the mover offer a much lower estimate than other companies?
  • Does the mover pick up your possessions and then increase the price?
  • Does the mover ask or attempt to force you to sign a blank or incomplete document before they will deliver the shipment?

Remember, good decisions start with good information.

Moving is an exciting but stressful step. With the right preparation, there’s no reason your move shouldn’t be hassle-free. So if you’re planning a move, protect your memories and your money—visit today.

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