Stressed When Moving? Cord Moving and Storage is on The Way


Anyone who’s ever undertaken a house move will agree it’s one of the most challenging life events, both physically and emotionally, that anyone can go through.

In a recent poll, two-thirds of people voted to move a house at the top of their stress list, with it triggering more anxiety than relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job.

It’s one of life’s most stressful experiences, and it’s because it involves having to cope with change. Moving house represents a transition in life, it’s about change and unfamiliarity and for many people that causes stress and anxiety. Most of us like familiarity, routine and order. When you’re moving, you have none of those. Plus it causes a ripple effect of change throughout your life. You’re not just changing your home and getting to know the new one, you might be in a new area, you have to find new schools for your children, take on a new commute to work, find a new GP and dentist.

Preparation can also help in managing stress levels. If you can do things in advance, for example, switch your broadband to the new address, register with a new GP in the area, plan in advance what furniture and items will go in what rooms… all of that will help the actual day feel a bit less overwhelming and more controlled.

As hard as it might feel at the time, try to focus on the positives of what you’re doing. Embrace the change instead of focusing on the difficulty of a move and hire a professional moving company one that is a Certified through the national association – American Mover – ProMovers.


Although there might be a lot to do, taking an occasional break is key.

The experts at Cord Moving and Storage and Company advise remembering why you made the decision. Perhaps you’re moving to a bigger house, or to a beautiful area, nearer friends and family. Remind yourself why it will be worth all the effort you are putting in.


Besides hiring the PROS at Cord Moving to move you there are some simple breathing exercises that can help you feel calmer. Find a quiet corner, and sit, stand or lie down. Breathe in deeply through your nose for a count of five, then slowly exhale for five. Do this for up to five minutes, clearing your mind and focusing on feeling calm and revived.

The important thing to remember is that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Moving is listed as a major life stressor for a good reason. Be kind to yourself and realize that sleepless nights and worry before and after a move are normal. Accept all help offered: it’s not a slight on your organizing capabilities. And if folks offer to help, give them something concrete to do; a proper task that you can cross off your list and then call Cord Moving and Storage Company (800) 873-2673.



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