Start Planning Today for Your Upcoming Summer Move


If you, like so many other families, will be moving to a new home or city this summer, The time to start getting ready is now. Not only are you much more likely to book a moving van if you’re planning ahead, but you’ll also have plenty of time to start the process of organizing, cleaning, and preparing for the big move. Check out Cord Moving and Storage an Agent for North American Van Lines.


Although you probably don’t want to start packing just yet, these are the steps you can start taking today to get your whole family ready.


Take an Inventory

The best way to ensure that everything gets packed up properly and is moved to the right place is to keep a master inventory list. Not only will this come in handy on the day of the move (when you’ll have to sign off on your mover’s inventory list before they can head out), but you can use this list to create timelines and plans in the months to come. Go room by room and inventory the things you’ll be moving—because you’re starting now, you can take your time and even start making decisions about what you might decide to leave behind.

Fix Things Up…Or Don’t.

If you want to save both time and money on a move, it’s ideal to take only those items that you’re absolutely sure you want with you in your new home. Now is a good time to start earmarking damaged and old items so you can decide what to do with them. Whether you fix them up and take them with you or decide it’s time to part ways, you should be making those decisions now.

Start Your Piles

Almost every piece of moving advice includes the tip/trick to sort your belongings into piles: items to throw away, items earmarked for donation, things that can be sold at a garage sale, etc. The sooner you start this task, the easier it will become later on. If you can’t handle the idea of huge piles of messes around the house, you can always set aside specific rooms, the garage, or even a temporary storage facility to hold the items.

Explore Storage Options

Speaking of temporary storage, you may want to consider a portable storage option that will make moving a breeze. As you begin to clear out and organize your home, a portable storage unit will allow you to put some items into a storage unit that is then held until you’re ready for it at your new home.

Consider Shipping

In some instances, it’s more cost-effective (and easier) to ship some items to your new home via mail or UPS. This is especially true if there’s someone on the receiving end to hold the items until you arrive. Call Cord Moving and Storage at (800) 873-2673


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