Safely Moving Computers and Electronics From Your Home.


Cord Moving and Storage an agent for North American Van Lines is among the world’s most trusted and experienced movers. You can count on us for shipping electronics to your new home. The Cord Team will help prepare you for your move by coming to your home and surveying the items you wish to move. He or she will point out anything that may require special attention, such as:

Personal computers and components


TVs, DVRs, DVD and Blu-Ray players

Audio systems


Your Cord Team will explain how each item should be prepared and will offer our packing services. If you prefer to pack your own electronics, follow these easy tips.

  1. Use a qualified service provider to remove and uninstall wall-mounted AV equipment.
  2. Move electronics in original cartons with the original packing materials.
  3. If you don’t have original cartons, use packing materials that provide a good fit. Cushion your items inside the carton with bubble wrap, paper padding or foam peanuts.
  4. Consult your owner’s manual for special instructions on Plasma and flat-panel TVs.
  5. Take pictures of how the wires are organized behind your electronics so they’re easier to set up at your new home.

Call Cord Moving 800-873-2673 you have any questions or need help finding a 3rd party reputable service provider



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