Moving for Retirement: What to Look for in a New Community


Choosing your retirement location is an important decision. Cord Moving and Storage, headquartered in Saint Louis MO with branches in Memphis TN, Belleville IL and Dixon MS, would like you to consider these options while planning where you’d like to land.


The move from your family home to a retirement community is one filled with big changes. You might be giving up things like home size, storage options, and independence. At the same time, you could be gaining things like more daily freedoms, better location, and the chance to redefine your life.

Before you make the move to a new home, retirement community, or assisted living facility, it’s important to look at a few key factors that will set the tone for your lifestyle. Take some time to get to know each of your options and consider these important factors.

>  Climate: There’s a reason why Arizona and Florida are so popular as retirement locations—these states boast a gorgeous climate. Warm, sunny, year-round weather is great when you want to sit back and soak up your retirement, so don’t overlook the benefits of moving somewhere more tropical.  Or you may prefer to move to the mountains to take advantage of the ski season. Look to your own needs/desires and start there.

>  Activity: Along the same lines as climate, look for a location that supports the activities you enjoy. Would you like to spend your time golfing? Hiking and bird watching? Boating? All of these require the right terrain and weather. Are you hoping instead to enjoy leisure time at home? Connect with others? Volunteer your time? Look for places where a more relaxed, community-focused vibe. For the best fit, match your goals to your surroundings before you move.

>  Medical Care: Regardless of your health status right now, you’re likely to need more medical care as you age. Find a city with great medical care, and you’ll be set for all of retirement. College towns with medical schools can be great for this, as they often have some of the best medical care available. (They’re also some of the best places for arts and entertainment, and often have great affordable dining.)

>  Transportation: It’s important that you don’t feel isolated in your new surroundings, so take a good look at the local transportation options. If you’ll be taking your car, what does traffic look like (especially during rush hour)? Are there public transportation options that provide service during the hours you need it?

Cost of Living: Next to climate, one of the biggest deciding factors of your quality of life will be how expensive (or not) everything will be. Many retired people live on a fixed income, which means you have a predetermined amount of money to spend every month. An expensive community might look appealing at the outset, but if you want to make sure you have some extra money on hand to enjoy your life. College towns again get a shout out here, because they often have lower living costs than cities.

Remember, too, that being around loved ones can make all the difference in how much you enjoy your retirement. Some people want to be near family and will find a home as close as possible to loved ones. Others may be searching for more freedom from responsibility and find some friends and a tropical climate to enjoy. Determine what’s important to you and adjust your living situation accordingly and then call Cord Moving and Storage 800-873-2673 – the moving experts no matter where you are moving in the world.

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