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“Moving on a budget begins with an accurate moving estimate,” says Rich Helton a 27 year moving consultant veteran at Cord Moving and Storage. Cord Moving and Storage is proud to be one of the best St Louis moving companies and have offices in Memphis, Belleville, IL and Dixon, MO. Moving companies should all provide a visual survey with a in home estimate or a “Facetime” estimate if you are pressed for time – either way a visual must be done.

You plan to relocate, but before you do, you need a moving estimate. You’ve come to the right place! As experienced household movers, Cord Moving an Agent for North American Van Lines  can help you estimate moving expenses so you know exactly what to expect.


An accurate moving estimate depends on several things. What are the size and weight of items you need to move? How far are you moving them? Do you need help to ensure their safe packing and loading for transport? How much valuation coverage do you need? All moving companies SHOULD provide this but Cord Moving definitely will – Cord Moving will help you determine the answers to accurately estimate moving expenses and reduce moving cost.


With Cord Moving, you’ll find options to fit most any budget. You may choose a traditional move with van and skilled Cord Moving people for packing, loading, unpacking and unloading. Or, Cord Moving can provide the materials and you can do the packing yourself with detailed packing tips located on Cord’s web site. The choice is yours. Request instant Cord Moving pricing at (800) 873-2673. Start the process with your Free Moving Estimate.

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