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Providing professional training and certification is a key mission of Cord Moving and Storage in conjunction with North American Van Lines in support of our agents and our industry. These programs help ensure our agents are not only well-qualified and knowledgeable but also current on the latest practices, safety, technology and regulations to provide customers with the best service possible. We offer ongoing professional training and specialized staff development throughout the year, as well as certification programs for those in specialized career paths — all programs only available through North American Van Lines University.

Certification Programs

Along with The American Movers Association our industry’s national trade association for the moving and storage, AMSA administers several professional certifications for specialists, including Certified Moving Consultant (CMC) and Certified Office & Industrial Consultant (COIC) for sales and marketing associates; Certified Packer/Loader (CPL); and Registered International Mover (RIM). Look for these initials when you are seeking the most qualified representatives of our industry.

Training Programs

North American Van Lines offers regular – monthly live webinars and in-person regional workshops, all tailored to the unique needs of our industry, which are available to all North American Van Lines agents at no cost. Our webinars are focused on specific issues of current interest, or to help improve participants’ proficiency or broaden their knowledge.


So when choosing a service provider ask the question, what type of on-going education does your company provide? The answer will provide an insight on how serious that mover is on always striving to be better than they were the day before. This is way Cord Moving and Storage 800-8732673 can claim to be the moving Experts that they are.



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