Cord Moving Provides Tips to Ensure a Successful Move


Making sure that your move will be successful starts a long time before the first box is packed. Reseaching and choosing a professional mover, making sure estimates are correct or approving the final invoice are all important steps in the process of moving. Here are a few tips to ensure a successful move from Cord Moving and Storage headquartered in Saint Louis Mo with branches in Memphis TN, Belleville IL and Dixon MO

Research moving companies ratings and customer satisfaction.

Make sure that the moving companies companies you are looking at have a good history, good consumer reviews and high ratings. You can visit North American Vines Lines for a list of accredited NorthAmerican Agent movers throughout the United States and Canada. As one of their top agents, Cord Moving and Storage has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Be aware of the busy season.

Historically, summer month is not only the most popular time to buy and sell houses but subsequently the most popular time to move as well. If your moving schedule is flexible, not moving between May and August will make sure that the moving companies will have capacity to serve you. If you want to move in that time period, make sure you schedule the move early. The last thing you want to have happen is to be forced to pick a mover with lower performance because of scheduling problems.

Review moving estimates.

A good estimate is one of the most important factors when choosing a moving company. When you get estimates and look at different moving companies be aware of the different types of estimates and their accuracy. Online estimates are usually the most generic and least accurate because they rely on you to enter all the necessary details of what needs to move, weight, etc. It is easy to forget things or underestimate the weight of certain items. A phone estimate via Facetime or Skype is usually a little better because the person you will talk to will most likely cover all the bases and ask the needed questions. However, an in-house estimate will be the most accurate and should be preferrend, if at all possible. A surveyer going through your home with you will get the full picture of what needs to move, including specific packing requirements and other considerations. Lastly, be sure to compare apples to apples. Choosing a moving company based on a less expensive online estimate over a in-house visit might be more expensive in the end, should additional fees apply for overlooked or misestimated items.

Track your belongings.

Your moving company should provide you with a Statement of Customer Responsibilities as well as inventory forms for you to fill out. Make sure those are completed properly. When moving with Cord Moving and Storage  or any other North American Van Line agent, their inventory application will provide electronic and secure tracking of your property.

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