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“How to win the business the old fashion way will always be the best way.” ~ Michael Norton

There are 20 selling Days in July and 64 in the Quarter!!! 

Can you believe it – half the year is over – WOW. Scary when you put it like that isn’t it. Anyway, down to the point I am trying to make today. 

You may have heard me say this before as it is my common response to most sales related questions. So my answer to how do you win the business is simple, just ask for it. I know, I know, it’s more complicated than that right? That is because you choose to make it more complicated. I say this because I am assuming you have done all the complicated things like just doing what you said you would do when you said you would do it, getting the proposal and references in order, and all the other tactical things the prospect asked YOU for.

You win business or become the vendor of choice by asking for the business. You don’t send materials and presentations out, you don’t bring in subject matter experts and put people on airplanes in hopes that one day the prospect will call you and give you the order or business. So if you set the agenda or expectations correctly from the beginning with each prospect, and ask strong qualifying questions, ask for and address objections or potential road blocks, ask for what they need from you in order for you to win the business, and then ask them to confirm that they want to move forward, and ask them for the business, you will win the business but no matter what or how you do it invoke “the 3 c’s”: Confidence, Courage and Conviction. 

Go out and have a Great Selling Day and make a difference in at least one person’s life today.

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