Shipping your Car Overseas

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Cord Moving and Storage can assist when planning a move overseas, one of the biggest challenges you may come across will be if (and how) to plan for shipping your vehicles overseas—unlike the rest of your belongings, you generally can’t take a car and load it up into a cardboard box along with your kitchen Tupperware.

International vehicle shipping, especially over open waters or to a different continent, will generally mean that you’ll need to recruit the help of a specialty vehicle moving service, whether they be an independent company or a service offered by your moving company of choice. Make no mistake—this can be a costly process and one that causes you to call into question whether or not it’s always necessarily worth it!

So, when getting your car from point A to point B across the continent and beyond, where do you begin? While there are some important steps to consider, you’ll want to begin your overall process by carefully assessing two major factors.

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Compare Quotes and Costs

As simple as it may seem, the most important thing to consider before taking any major steps will be the amount of money you’ll need to invest. Start off by weighing your options among as large a variety of different shipping companies as you can to gain an idea of how far your money will take you in terms of quality of service.

In addition to various quotes, you’ll also want to consider the overall price compared to the value of your vehicle—are you intending to ship a vehicle that retains a great deal of resale value, or a beat-up old Nissan from 1994? If you’re moving an older vehicle, you may be surprised to find that the cost of simply moving your car across the ocean can exceed the cost of the vehicle itself—certainly not an easy factor to deal with, but still one you will want to go in as realistic about as possible. Be sure your shipping quotes match up with your needs as you plan to ship your car door to door outside of the United States.

Coverage Concerns

Moving your vehicle isn’t just about moving the car or truck itself—with ownership of a vehicle comes the droves of paperwork, coverage policies, and more that is required to legally own and drive your classic car. You’ll want to speak to any and all insurance agencies, dealership service departments, etc. to ensure that all aspects of your car can successfully make their way with you to your new destination. You’ll feel much more confident about the stressful aspect of vehicle transport once you’ve crossed all your t’s and dotted all your I’s.

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