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Cord Moving and Storage and the Memphis ReStore considers ReStock the ReStore a success. Not only did the ReStore see more donations than expected on a Saturday in November, it also had its best sales day to date in the fiscal year!

The Memphis ReStore website also saw an increase in web traffic, and November ended up being the 2nd highest traffic month in the ReStore website’s history. Spikes in site traffic coincided with TV and radio spot schedules, as well as blog posts.

Result Highlights

  • Donations Nov. 22 – 24 total donations thus far, including 20 donations that day and 4 pickups that were conducted afterward. We expect there to be additional pickups related to the event, as a request/pickup was done the first week of December that mentioned the event.
  • Gross Sales Nov. 22 – $10,673, our highest sales date to date in FY15, which began on July 1, 2014!

Phone Calls – We estimate a call volume increase of about 20% as a result of ReStock the ReStore promotion. At least 126 phone calls came into the store between Nov. 10 and Dec. 5. Of those, 21 callers (17%) were logged mentioning ReStock the ReStore. Forty-eight callers (out of the 126) called to ask donation questions, with 17 (35%) of those calling about donations mentioning ReStock the ReStore. Thirty-two callers

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