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When Marc Galvagno called me and asked me to be the Team Leader for the B2B Team for your Sales and Marketing Committee I said yes only because anyone that knows Marc he doesn’t take no for an answer. By the end of our conversation I was so pumped I was ready to jump off the tallest building, stop locomotives – you get the picture. But then it hit me where do I start, what do I do and I was not really sure what B2B stood for anyway.

That was some time ago now and I was encouraged to gather a B2B Team that frankly is loaded with some really talented leaders in our industry that are dedicated to this business, dedicated to NAVL Blue and couldn’t say no to me – I guess some of Marc’s charm rubbed off on me.

So over the last several months we have written a Mission Statement and we poised to launch Webinars scheduled every other month starting with a February class to assist all of our account sales personnel to improve and thus book more business into the system as we strengthen awareness and loyalty with our clients.

From an agent’s vantage point I have never been more impressed with a corporate staff that can assist and be there in moment to help us sell which is what we are suppose to do – “bring it in the front door” during the money hours. What a team of Tim Hall, Jeff Knapton John Anderson and Thyra Romito (who will be the presenter in our February Webinar) and they are just chomping at the bit to help us and yet just like the on-line classes that you will learn about during February’s webinar we don’t tap into these people often enough or if at all – what are we thinking? Along with the B2B Team which I have included a roster in this article are waiting for your call, waiting to assist and waiting for us so they can assist in making that call, make that sale with us and make 2011 the best year yet but that can only happen if we listen and learn.

In tough times the first line item to get the budget knife is training. Trained and energized employees are just what any company needs to stimulate and problem solve in the lean times which I have found out is everyone at NAVL  and on the Sales and Marketing Committee for they are  jazzed about the training in all suites of services we offer as a van line. The innovation, flexibility and dedication that are necessary to build truly dynamic companies come from well-trained and supported employees. As we develop new skills, increase networking and represent the company out in the larger world, and develop leadership opportunities, the business work environment becomes infused with energy and creativity are you on board yet?

Well we are investing in our future daily so make sure you get everyone you talk to pumped up as we enter a new decade, a new year and all the new opportunities that lie ahead and always and I mean always stay the course for that ought to be our Code.

Submitted by: Wayne E. Daniels

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